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Broadcom Cafe

Broadcom Corporation has an extensive campus in Rancho Bernardo, San Diego, California. One of the benefits Broadcom wants to provide for its workforce is reasonably priced easily available lunch services. To achieve this objective the Company has established and operates corporate dining facilities at many of its larger research campus locations. The Company is also expanding the on site workforce in San Diego. A decision was made to expand the existing facility to provide for additional seating capable of servicing 500 lunches per day, providing hot meal preparation, and an extensive array of food choices.

The first floor of Building A provided a space where a new kitchen facility could be constructed. The space could be expanded to provide on site cooking, grilling, food storage and presentation space. The space had been sued as a sandwich and snack area for several years.  A design would be prepared that would update and expand the existing facility.

The space was located on the first floor of a three story laboratory building. Very limited vertical shafts had been designed as part of the original office shell design. New fire rated shafts had to be provided to ventilate the space. The new size of the kitchen facility required separation from the existing office occupancy in the adjacent space on the buildings first floor with new one hour fire rated occupancy separation. Finally, existing floor slabs would be removed to provide new under floor drain systems complete to an enlarged grease trap to be located in the front of the main entrance to the building.
A demanding schedule required the concurrent approval of the San Diego Health Department and San Diego Development Services Department, competitive bidding of the work and construction within an established six month delivery schedule.

A completed new café space, completed on time and within budget.