CUBED Architects, San Diego, is pleased to provide an overview of our experience in the renovation of various types of spaces. This project class requires careful research, an understanding of the interaction of the client’s program with the observed conditions, and the ability to manage change when those conditions are revealed to be different than expected. Additional detailed information is available on our web site: describing the design approach, challenges and solutions advanced to result in a successful project outcome.

Institutional Research:
Renovation projects have been a focus since the beginning of our practice here in San Diego in 1986. Projects at UCSD have included planning and programming for new space, grant application support, plans and specifications for construction for projects at both the La Jolla campus and the Hillcrest facilities. Among this body of work completed as Executive Architect are the following early works:
• The Animal Surgical Center Renovation, Hillcrest
• The Transgenic CORE Build Out, La Jolla
• Pathology Lab Program Study, Hillcrest
• Blood Draw Room Renovation, Hillcrest.
And, recently completed works:
• Dr’s Tsein, Datta, Novick, and Haddad Lab Renovations, La Jolla
• CIRM Lab Renovation, La Jolla
• Central Cage Wash NIH Application Support, La Jolla

Private Research and Manufacturing:
These projects have transferred and developed specialized experience we have gained in the completion of similar projects in the private sector, particularly in the medical research and pharmaceutical manufacturing sector. The local clients we have served in the completion of a range of interior and exterior renovation and expansion projects include:
• 2002 – 2009, Isis Pharmaceuticals, Carlsbad, CA. Kit Manufacturing, Clean Rooms, cGMP Manufacturing and HazMat Expansion, DCI 6/9 SCIF, BSL-3 Lab, Instrument Lab, and integrated yard improvements for the expansion of their validated Faraday Manufacturing Facility.
• 2008-2009, Prometheus Laboratories, San Diego, CA. Office Expansions, Lab and HazMat Storage Expansions, BSL-3 Lab, Interior construction of a 22,000 SF structural mezzanine to support office and laboratory space expansion within their existing building footprint.
• 2002 – 2009, Peptisyntha, Inc. Torrance, CA., interior build out for a new 4000 SF validated peptide manufacturing facility, and a second project of 8600 SF to expand their quality control and secure records and materials segregation spaces.
• 2006 – 2007, Althea Technologies, San Diego, CA. involved expansion of a class 10,000 clean room space, 8000 SF cGMP manufacturing and quality control laboratory spaces.
• 2005 – 2006, Tapestry Solutions, San Diego, CA. Non technical build out of 3600 SF of interior offices, conference and training spaces.
• 2004 – 2005, Photon, interior improvements to 36,000 SF of new offices, conference, and training spaces to support new DCI 6/9 SCIF spaces.
Several of these advanced technology client projects were completed as fast tract construction efforts with multiphase contracting and multiple permit packages to support ongoing construction efforts. We should also note that many have involved multiple projects for individual clients maintaining a solid successful working relationship over a long period.

Public Education:
Though the majority of our project work is in support of research and technology, our practice has included renovation work for other types of clients, K-12 education, retail, and business engaged in a variety of services and sales. Though the underlying nature of their businesses are very different, and their needs are supportive of individual priorities the art of properly understanding and implementing those needs into an existing facility is surprisingly similar. Careful examination of the existing facilities, an understanding the impact of new technology and new regulations on the space, is the same set of processes that will lead to a successful project.
Beginning in 2002, and extending to the present, Blevins CUBED has been engaged in a series of renovations for the San Diego City Schools as a consultant to other prime contractors focused on the incorporation of new mechanical and electrical building systems into existing buildings.
The largest of these K-12 projects was the upgrade of 22 buildings at San Diego’s Mission Bay High School, other similar projects included Hoover High School, King Academy, Webster, Sequoia, Wedgeforth, and Whitman Elementary Schools. Though each of these projects is unique, they share very similar development, plan approval through DSA, and construction cycles. Many of these building are 50 to 60 years old and share common issues with hazardous material abatement, and code compliance upgrade requirement integration.
A related but very unusual project included in this group is our feasibility study for The Children’s School in La Jolla. This campus is property is long term leased from the public school system, but is privately operated. Our study developed a comprehensive master plan for the development of the site to its ultimate possible size and scope.

Yet another unique type of Blevins CUBED project is space for retail sales. Over the period since 2002 we have completed a series of projects for a national chain of duty free shops, Duty Free America. These retail centers are spaces where high retail manufacturers display their products in well appointed luxury outlets with a high emphasis on proper lighting and creative retail display.
These projects include new facilities on new sites to capture new border crossing traffic, or to respond to changes in border traffic patterns. However many are upgrades of existing spaces intended to enlarge the available retail space available for display, or respond to individual retailers (Cartier, Bulgari, etc.) need for unique display spaces in which to market their goods.
Three specific projects from this group represent the challenges this work can involve.
In late 1999 a duty free shop at the Border Village Shopping center in San Ysidro burned to the ground. Our project involved the rebuilding of the space in a new shell space replacing the burned out portion of the center. One of the largest and most successful duty free shops in the world is located at the San Ysidro border crossing. Our work involved the detailed reconfiguration of interior display areas to meet new marketing requirements. This work took place while the main adjacent portion of the retail space continued to function.
Our client partners with a firm on the Mexican side of the same crossing. We coordinated with a Mexican architectural firm to complete a build out of a new shop to capture traffic coming through the same border crossing from the Mexican side of the border.
Individual retail projects have included a prototype for palates in the Forum Shops, Carlsbad, CA.

All these renovation projects are examples of a consistent approach to design that works to deliver positive completed projects to clients, on time and within established budgets.