Mission Bay High School

This project included two ... the first of which was the addition of two HVAC rooms on either side of the gymnasium building.  These would house the new HVAC units which would supply the gym.  Existing vents were used and attention was given to make sure that the new building would be tall enough to disway students from climbing up onto the top from the neighboring rooftop of the breezeway.  Gutters ran down the inside of the walls so that they would be protected from damage by nearby ballgames.

The second phase of this project involved the modifications of existing louvers on the exterior of the building to provide access to small Fan Coil Units which were being placed behind them.  The new units would also duct directly into the supported classrooms through the existing window panes.  Every detail of the placement of the units and ductwork was coordinated with all of the design disciplines involved so as to provide for the best fit with the least amount of disturbance to the existing sttructure or light levels inside the spaces.  Minimal distrurbance to the existing windows was accomplished by sizing and locating dictwork to fit precisely within the existing panes.

This project involves a sheating and ventilating upgrade of Mission Bay High School. In includes the retrofit of heating systems in 13 of the campus buildings. One unusual aspect of this project involves the installation of new fan coil units in an area behind the existing wood louvered sunshades that are part of the original early 1950's design. 

Working with the school's project team, Blevins CUBED Architects helped to define a design solution that will permit new roof top mounted fan coil units to be accessible while maintaining as much available window area and light as possible in the individual classroom spaces,. The solution results in improving access to the units for maintenance and repair, while, at the same time enhancing the exterior appearance of the buildings. Other significant parts of this scope of work included the design of additions to the existing gymnasium and upgrade of the existing boiler room.