UCSD - Dr. Tsien

Design Objective:
This project was undertaken to provide specialized isolated laboratory space inside an existing multipurpose modular laboratory building at the University of California San Diego main campus in La Jolla. The project included the construction of a darkroom, an x-ray lab, and an anteroom providing controlled entry to the x ray lab. The air supply and exhaust systems, the laboratory piping systems and related laboratory support systems, all required modification to accommodate these special functions changes in the lab.
Design Challenge:
The lab is located on the third floor of the Center for Molecular Medicine inside a working laboratory area. The construction of the new space had to be isolated from the existing space during construction while existing exit ways and emergency systems remained in operation. To the maximum extent possible the UCSD client wised to maintain the appearance and functionality of the existing modular laboratory while accommodating the new specialty functional areas in the lab.
Design Approach:
The existing casework and epoxy laboratory tops were to be reused to the maximum extent possible in the new laboratory configuration. A detailed inventory of the existing casework items and their support framework was conducted. And, using this detailed information, a new plan was developed that utilized the existing casework to accommodate all the new labs casework requirement, other than those units required for specialized epoxy sink support units. The existing Unistrut laboratory shelving and top supports 

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