Clinical Testing Lab

This Client is one of the fastest growing companies in San Diego.  The firm specializes in clinical testing ,  occupying  a 100,000 SF facility in Sorrento Valley.  To expand their existing operations, while remaining in a consolidated facility, they identified warehouse space inside the existing building that could be efficiently developed through the addition of an 11,000 SF structural mezzanine. The space under the mezzanine would be developed into additional laboratory space, while the area on the mezzanine would be used for open and private office space. In total ,  22,000 SF of new office and laboratory spaces were created by the project. This project is the third tenant improvement project completed by CUBED for this Client in the last three year period.
Design Issues:
The existing facility was to remain in operation during the period of construction. All the existing means of egress, mechanical and electrical systems, and means of emergency operation, were to remain 100% functional as the construction work proceeded. The new work required the addition of significant electrical and mechanical capacity and distribution within the building.   The existing space was essentially windowless. New penetrations in the roof structure and the exterior tilt up panels were to be provided to bring natural light and views into the space. Large exterior windows and borrowed light provided natural light into the first and second floor space. Solatubes were provided to incorporate day lighting into the second floor offices.   The new work was to be identical in fit and finish to the existing development inside the building. The existing development was completed in the late 1980's. Matching the carpet, paint, casework and related finish work as an objective, though many of the original finish materials were no longer available.  Interior height was very limited. The new HVAC and piping systems required for the operation of the lab had to be located to avoid conflicts with both the existing and the new building structural systems.

Design Approach:
This project scope included the construction of a new free standing structural steel platform inside the existing building space.  Internal braced frames used to stiffen the new platform were incorporated into the first floor plan while maintaining an efficient internal plan, exit location, and laboratory equipment placement. New frames were concealed into existing walls to the maximum extent possible. New internal "strong backs" were designed to allow for new penetrations in the exterior wall tilt up panel walls. These new strong backs were incorporated into the new furred exterior walls. Formerly opened areas of the exterior tilt up were reopened as part of this work to enable more light to enter the building.  To provide for a maximum amount of usable space in the facility, the plan was organized to eliminate corridors to the extent possible. Large space were arranged to function as a part of the means of egress into smaller interior spaces. This strategy resulted in a high degree of interior plan efficiency while maintaining a safe and orderly means of exit from the building.
Design for the project began in the Fall of 2008, with construction completed on schedule in the Fall of 2009. Total hard cost for the work is approximately 
$3,400,000. The project was constructed by Good and Roberts, Inc. General Contractors, Vista, California.