Althea Clean Room Expansion

posted Jan 3, 2012, 3:12 PM by Leaford Blevins   [ updated Mar 5, 2012, 4:11 PM by Haven Buchmiller ]


This Client  desired to retrofit at portion of its existing building in order to accommodate a new class 1000 clean room, and related supporting  facilities.  The new clean room would become an integrated portion of their existing cGMP manufacturing suite.  The new space would be provided with independent mechanical electrical systems to support pharmaceutical production.  The new work would be completed while the existing facility was in full operation, and when completed would meet their clients need for state-of-the-art facility and equipment support.   

Design Approach:  

A detailed as built survey was conducted of the existing building, and a complete review of the existing building as built, architectural, mechanical, and electrical plans was conducted.  An equipment layout was prepared in conjunction with the Client's facility and scientific personnel.  Alternative plans were proposed to meet the objectives stated, and a floor plan was development for the implementation of the approved plan.  The existing space was to be located in the interior of their existing manufacturing plant, and would affect a major exit way at the perimeter of the facility.  A comprehensive exit analysis was performed for the entire 40,000 SF facility in order to determine the impact the new work would have on the existing exit scheme.

Design Objective:  

The completed clean room, and related support spaces, were to present an open, easily adaptable, and easily reconfigurable space, that the Client  could use to locate existing, and possible new items of equipment, requiring location within an ultra clean manufacturing space. When complete space would to appear to have been it as part of the original GMP manufacturing suite, all finishes, fixtures and fittings would be identical to those in the remaining area of the facility.  The overall space is intended to be viewed from adjacent corridor spaces in order to explain to visiting potential clients the use of the facility, and the resources that are available to support their manufacturing needs.  

Design Challenge:  

The proposed  clean room location was immediately adjacent to the existing building main entrance lobby, and also bordered the existing manufacturing facility.  The new space was part of a main interior corridor system that provided exiting from both the manufacturing suite and other administrative offices.  The design needed to recognize that these facilities would remain in full operation during the time of construction, and that when complete, the adjacent spaces would remain in operation.  They existing building roof structure was unable to support significant new loads.  In order to support the new clean room air-conditioning systems, new load bearing columns were required to be placed within the space.  These new load bearing columns needed to be integrated into the existing, and the newly proposed, interior partitions in order to produce a smooth, clean, highly technical finished appearance.