Tapestry Solutions Expansion

The Tapestry Solutions project scope included the interior alteration of approximately 2500 ft.² of existing office space in San Diego.  The new space was designed to accommodate a new training room, a new accounting department, additional project-management offices, and support space in existing class a office space. The work was designed to be accomplished in the existing office space while the space was being utilized.  Blevins CUBED provided comprehensive architectural services for this work including bidding assistance and construction administration.

Seamless Design Integration:
The existing building was completed as a landmark design in 2002 as the Matabolife Building. The new owners of the building, Tapestry Solutions, Inc. desired to change the function of the building space to satisfy their unique operational needs, while maintaining the ultra modern look and sophisticated feel of the existing design. Blevins CUBED was tasked with matching the existing finishes and building details to the maximum extent possible while maintaining close budget control. To accomplish this design objective research was conducted to define the materials actually used in the building design, and either find existing available materials that would cost effectively match the original building finish materials, or find equivalent newly available materials that would match the style of the original design within the project's defined budget restraints.
Minimal Impact Due to Change in Function:
As originally designed the building contained large open spaces enabling the location of office cubicles within the space. Tapestry's mission required the creation of private spaces in the building where individual work products could be developed in a private work environment. This change in use could have a major effect on the building exit system. Blevins CUBED's approach involved a detailed analysis of the building exit scheme and minimal modifications to that scheme to support the new function. Due to this approach none of the exit systems existing in the building had to be modified to support the new use.
Comprehensive Design Services:
Blevins CUBED conducted a competitive bidding process resulting in three qualified competitive bids to complete work by local general contracting organizations. The project was completed on time and well within the established budget parameters. Design began in the early Fall of 2005, with project completion in February 2006.