San Ysidro Luxury Display

The sales platform area for several of the luxury goods suppliers needed to be expanded. The client chose to take this opportunity to make the area more efficient in the use of the available store wall area.  The new casework arrangements were to utilize as much of the existing casework in place as possible in altered configurations, and with relatively minor changes made, in order to accommodate the expanded retail sales area available.
Design Approach:
Existing casework drawings that had been used in the original construction of the San Ysidro store were examined in detail.  The materials that were used in the manufacturer of the casework as well as the fixtures and joining of the casework items were studied. Detailed on-site measurements were taken to determine the precise location of the proposed additional items of casework, and additional height and width constraints were provided to the luxury goods suppliers.
Design Objective:
Each of the high-end retail luxury goods suppliers has a signature style.  The objective of the redesign of the space is to accommodate those signature styles in the most efficient manner possible within the area available. Even though each of the suppliers provide their own installed fixtures, all manufactured at varying locations worldwide, it is important that they coordinate precisely with the building service systems in order to fully utilize the space and services available for their display.

Design Challenge:
During the construction of the San Ysidro store numerous changes were made to the original design that needed to be coordinated with the underlying construction documents.  Given the very detailed nature of the store fixtures and the requirement for precise control of their placement, a major challenge in the design effort was to gain an understanding of what was actually available at the site. The original design of the store incorporated many irregular geometric shapes in the design.  The shapes contribute to the difficulty of locating items within the building space.  Much of the power distribution to fixtures located in the floor field is by means of under floor power distribution systems.  Many of the fixtures in the new arrangement are floor powered. Exact coordination between the location of the fixtures with regard of the power distribution system is critical.