Plaza de Otay Store Renovation

This project was to increase the retail sales area, wholesale sales area and improve the functionality of the store.  The new retail area will support electronic sales, and beverages.  The wholesale area is being altered to provide for wholesale distribution to vehicles inside the facility.  When completed, the new store will provide a state-of-the-art sales platform for the company's duty-free sales in the growing Otay Mesa area.
Design Approach:
As built drawings for the existing building were examined, and detailed field measurements were taken of the building's current configuration. Interviews were conducted with the existing management and sales personnel and alternative plans were developed for the review of company management.  Detailed construction drawings were prepared for review and approval by the City of San Diego Building and Planning Departments.  Competitive bidding of the package will be conducted.
Design Objective:
The existing store has not been visually upgraded since the late 1980s at the time of its original construction.  The new store will present an up-to-date sales platform where the company can effectively market its high-end luxury goods, and effectively compete with other new similar stores in the area. It is intended that the store remain in operation through the use of a temporary sales trailer located immediately adjacent to the existing store.  Organization of the design so that construction activity can proceed efficiently in such a way as to make this a workable arrangement is a major design objective.

Design Challenge:
The geometry of the store is such that the sales area presents a long and not very deep appearance upon entering the store. The visual impact of the store needs to draw the customer through all the areas of the store in a precise and organized manner. Deliveries to the store are to be enabled by means of bringing a van into the store warehousing area. Minimal vertical clearance is available for the entry and exit of the vehicles. Coordinating the warehousing area, office area, and sales area into a working plan, while maintaining security for the overall store will be required.