Las Americas Store Expansion

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When completed, this project will greatly expand the retail sales area available at the Las Americas Plaza store.  The new area will be used for electronic display, and beverages.  When completed, the new store will provide an attractive sales platform for the company's duty-free sales in the dynamic Las Americas Plaza Shopping District of San Ysidro, California.

Design Approach:

 As built drawings for the existing shopping center were examined to determine the available utility support to the area of the work .  Detail field measurements were taken of the specific tenant area to be renovated, and particularly the wall separating the existing improved  space and the space into which the new work would be constructed.  Details of the original construction were examined  so that all the new fixtures and store fittings that would be constructed would match exactly the original construction of the original store.  Detail construction drawings were prepared for review and approval by the City of San Diego Building Planning Departments.  Competitive bidding of the total build out package will be conducted.

 Design Objective:

The current tenant space occupied by the client is a newly constructed store.  The opportunity to expand into the adjacent tenant space has provided the client with an increased area for retail sales.  When completed, the new expanded area will be identical to the existing space.  In the event finish materials are no longer available that were used in the original construction an effort will be made to either match the original materials as precisely as possible, or remove certain aspects of the original materials in the original construction, so that the blending of the space between the two areas will be as seamless as possible.

Design Challenge:
The geometry of the space that is to be constructed as an expanded store area is  very irregular.  The shape of the space, together with the shape of the existing space makes it difficult for the customer to navigate through the entire store without passing by the sales counter twice.  An objective will be to effectively control client travel through the space to maximize the opportunity for sales encounters.  Though the existing space is new, many of the finish materials that were used in the original construction are no longer commercially available.  New materials with similar finishes must be integrated into the design in a way that makes them appear to have been part of the original construction, while at the same time maintaining a competitive bidding situation.  The existing store will remain in operation during the period of construction.