Dermatology Clinic


Plans were approved in March 2010 for the construction of approximately 8000 SF of new clinical space in Murrieta, California. The new clinic expanded the Clients clinic network into Southern Riverside County. Spaces included in the build out were  exam rooms, surgery suites, waiting rooms, front and back office operations, break room, medical records, study suites, and laboratories.
The space was located on the second floor of an existing new shell building in a new medical center development.

Design Approach:

The space was located on the second floor of a shell medical building with very limited available floor to floor height. Relative low clearances were available for air distribution. All the piping required for numerous drain lines was constrained to an area above the ceiling of an already operational clinic on the first floor below. The Client has delayed the construction of the space to coincide with the expiration of an existing lease in an adjacent community to allow for minimal overlap between the vacation of the existing space and the occupancy of the new space. Details relating to the new lease arrangements further impacted the schedule for construction and occupancy of the space. Issues inside the space included the control of noxious smells, noise control, and patient waiting room isolation. Procedures conducted in the patient surgery space could involve long waiting periods. Services include MOH's Surgery, PUVA Room, Pathology Labs and Prep Lab.