Broadcom Building D

56000 SF of new shell space on the 2nd and third floor of a new facility located in Rancho Bernardo, California were developed into a combination of advanced electronic development and test laboratories and associated research offices and conference rooms. A strong corporate aesthetic was used to provide a workspace that evokes the ideals of precision and focus. The space utilizes modern elements of design to produce a clean well lighted corporate environment that enables Broadcom's teams of engineers and scientists to develop new and creative solutions to today's communications frontier. Located in one of America's most scenic urban settings in the foothills of Northern San Diego County this new facility interior build out was designed and permitted by CUBED.

Design Challenge:
Predictable schedules are a mandatory part of successful business execution. This project was initiated, planned and permiited on the most demanding schedule possible. CUBED and its consulting team worked closely with the corporate leadership of the Client Company to identify and develop service needs based on actual experience in the use of similar spaces at the San Diego and Irvine facilities in operation. The project was designed and devloped to minimize adverse schedule impacts during the bid and plan check phases of the work. From start to completion this project was completed through San Diego Development services in less than 2 1/2 months from the initiation of preliminary design to plan final plan review approval.